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As far as I know there is no 'user manual' as such, user manuals went away several versions ago. In today's world, the 'user manual' is an online (or local) database of help topics. For Microsoft Office 2010, you can access it via the ribbon under File/Help/Microsoft Office Help or Getting Started. Professional manual Use this template to create a user's manual or employee handbook. This template contains a title page, copyright page, table of contents, chapter pages, and an index. Dec 02, 2013 A walkthrough screencast showing the steps required to create a manual in Microsoft Word 2010. A walkthrough screencast showing the steps required to create a manual in Microsoft Word 2010.

Microsoft Word 2010 User Manual Template

User manual also known as user’s guide is a technical communication document designed to provide assistance to people about particular system. User manuals are found with almost all electronic devices to help new user about the use of device. It is important part of your product marketing therefore it is necessary to write it carefully without any confusion. You have to use simple and understandable language without these of any jargon. It is necessary to write a concise description of product with its highlighted features and important controls to use it. User manuals format help you to provide complete information to your clients. You can to prepare all contents carefully such as instructions, prose of the product, any complex description etc. Color combination, font style, size and layout of user manual all are very important so consider everything while designing user manual.

Here is preview of this User Manual Template created using Microsoft Word,

Word User Manual Template

Tips to Write User Manuals

User manuals are really important document and in order to help you in writing I am going to share some tips for writing user manuals:

  • Design of your user manual matters a lot because heavy and bright colored manuals with jokes and illustrations will spoil your all efforts. Size and design of the cover page should be interesting enough to persuade the reader to open the user manual for further information.
  • Try to include highlighted points on the cover page of user manual to make your cover page informative enough. It is necessary to consider the general reader all the time while writing user manual.
  • An effective user manual should contain a comprehensive list of important pages, headings, sections and subsections of the user manual. It will help the reader to search something about the product very quickly.
  • Design and layout of the user manual matters a lot because it will create first impression on the mind of reader. Keep your user manual simple and spacious with black and white layouts.
  • User manual should contain enough details to let the reader to complete all important tasks related to the products. Your user manual should answer all important questions.
  • User manual should not be of normal length with all technical details. Heavy and too lengthy user manual can irk reader so be careful while designing your user manual.
  • Keep exact balance between design and content because only beautiful design is not enough. It is necessary to carefully adjust contents and images of products. Images and diagrams of user manuals should be visible enough for the convenience of reader.
  • In order to make your work easy and perfect, you have to design a rough sketch with all contents and images. Keep all pages simple, well positioned and relevant. You can use PNG files because these are easy to manage.
  • After completing your user manual, carefully proofread it to make sure that your user manual is perfect. Print a test copy to rectify all possible errors and read finalized user manual with the prospect of common man.

Here is download link for this User Manual Template,

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Make sure that you have downloaded and installed Avery Wizard for Microsoft Word.

Start Microsoft Word. Click the Avery tab at the top of the Microsoft Word Ribbon toolbar and click the Avery Wizard logo

If you do not see an Avery tab at the top of the Microsoft Word Ribbon toolbar, click the Office button at the top left and then click the Word Options button. The Word Options screen will appear. Click Add-Ins and then select Word Add-Ins from the Manage drop-down list. Click Go. The Templates and Add-ins dialog box will appear. Check AVWiz12s.dotm and click OK. Close Microsoft Word, then re-open Word. The Avery tab should be added to the Ribbon toolbar. Click the Avery tab and then click the Avery Wizard logo to launch the Avery Wizard.

The Avery Wizard will open, click the Next button.

If you know your Avery product number, type in the product number in the Product number or description field. Click Search. Searching by product number is the fastest way to locate your product. The product number is usually shown as a four or five digit number in large print on the front of the package.

Or select a Product Category from the drop-down list. You can view products, in the product list, in order by Product No. or by Description. Click the Product No. column to sort the list numerically by product number or the Description column to sort the product names alphabetically. You can then scroll down the list to locate and select the product.

Select the product template and click Next.

Microsoft Word 2010 User Manual Template Downloads

Select a pre-design for your product template and click Next to start personalizing your template.

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